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Prepare early for college and university by taking advanced courses in state accredited universities.

This is the first decision that should be made in order to ready yourself for a rigorous academic future. Universities will often times have some sort of preparatory program in which students should participate in order to ready themselves for a future past high school.

Why Studying in Russia?

How can this help you get the best preparation?

    Get the best university admission practices - Stellar university admission
In order to get a place in the Russian university as a person that studies abroad, you will need to go through an admission test, so you will know exactly the demands and requirements.

    The lowest fees on the market for any university - Pay less and learn more
Learning in Russia is a great experience because not only you manage to pay less, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to learn a lot more as well. There are many additional studies you can add and you can easily master your industry without a problem, without paying premium pricing.

    Worldwide recognition for all diplomas - Get jobs all over the world
A great thing about the Russia university diplomas is that they are recognized worldwide, which means that you can obtain amazing results and improve your changes to get a much better paid job.

    Permanent residency in Russia - Stay in Russia
If you study in Russia then you will be able to full accommodate here. This means lower expenses and a much better quality set of results. You will get a hold of the local culture and experience amazing things, while also preparing yourself for the challenges you can find ahead in life.

    Get part time jobs in Russia - Work in Russia
Even while studying, you will be able to get some part time jobs in Russia. This means much better results and a higher quality outcome. ABC does allow you to do such a thing at any given time

    Work with accredited universities - Accredited studies
The Russian universities are accredited and thus they offer you the best knowledge, while also knowing that any diploma they hand you will be recognized all over the world.

What requirements to study in Russia?

Admission processes is very simple, just complete the application form to begin your admission process

  1. Submit Application Form to study in Russia
  2. Submit a full copy of your high school transcripts along with any other college transcripts that you may have.
  3. A current copy of your passport

Schools in Russia are known worldwide for their programs in Medicine, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Engineering, Arts, Nursing, Economics, ..etc. Learn more

FAQ's of education in Russia…

The student’s most asked questions and answers

Q: Can I get a job offer while I am studying?
Yes, we will assist you get a job during your studies.

Q: If I decide to stay in Russia, and obtain a permanent residence, could you help me?
Yes, we will assist you to obtain your permanent residence in Russia.

Q: Can I study direct in English medium without preparatory?
Yes, in this case you need to contact Study in Russia

Q: How expensive is it to live in Russia while attending school?
A student can live comfortably on $100-200 dollars monthly which does not include the pricing of capital cities and entertainments.

Q: Can I apply to any course I wish to study?
Yes, simple complete the application form, and make sure to choose the correct course you want

Q: What is the deadline for applying?
We are accepting all students any time during the year

Q: Can I study in English language?
Yes, of course, just confirm us with your language medium choice.